Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes (Our Top 5 Picks for 2020)

If you’re looking for the best humidifier for dry eyes, then you’re in the right place. This article discusses in detail 5 of the best humidifiers that will prevent and ease the symptoms of dry eyes.

If in a hurry, here are the 5 humidifiers at a glance;

1.Everlasting Comfort HumidifierCool Mist
2.Honeywell Cool Console HumidifierCool Mist
3.LEVOIT HumidifierWarm/Cool
4.Aprilaire 700 Whole House HumidifierWhole House
5.Homech 6L Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist
6.Pure Enrichment MistAire XLCool Mist
7.GENIANI Top Fill Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist
8.TBI Pro Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist
9.TaoTronics Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist
10.OliveTech Cool Mist HumidifierCool Mist

Dry eyes is a condition that occurs when your tear glands are unable to product enough tears to lubricate your eyes. This can happen due to varying reasons like;

  • Damage of your tear gland due to radiation or inflammation
  • Certain medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, decongestants, etc
  • Certain medical conditions such as thyroid disorder, diabetes, arthritis, Sjogren Syndrome, and  more
  • Laser eye surgery (though the symptoms are temporary)
  • Little humidity in the air (dry air)
  • Aging as tear production tends to reduce with age
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • Air conditioners and oscillating fans which cause excessive air movement
  • Excessive wind and smoke

Like most eye conditions, dry eyes can cause uncomfortable symptoms like itching, blurry vision, eye redness, light sensitivity, or a feeling like something is stuck in your eyes.

A number of effective treatments are available for dry eyes, hence its important to see your eye doctor as soon as you notice the above symptoms. In addition to seeking medical advice, using a Humidifier is one of the most effective ways of alleviating dry eye symptoms.

How Does a Humidifier Help with Dry Eyes?

A humidifier is a device/appliance that increases humidity/moisture in the air of a room/building. By doing so, a humidifier helps prevent dryness to the eyes. It also helps prevent excessive dryness to other parts of the body such as the skin, nose, lips, and throat.

How to Choose the Best Humidifier for Dry Eye Problem (Buyer’s Guide)

Here are a few important things to consider when choosing a humidifier for your dry eyes.

1.Type of Humidifier

There are 4 main types of humidifiers in the market right now. They include;

  • Warm Mist Humidifiers– As the name suggests, warm mist humidifiers emit a warm and soothing mist. Also known as Steam Vaporizers, warm mist humidifiers typically use a heating element to boil water which then creates a warm mist. They are electrically powered, are portable, and typically some of the cheapest humidifiers in the market. But since their tanks contain hot water, they are not safe to use around children as they can cause severe burns if tipped over.


  • Cool Mist Humidifiers– Cool mist humidifiers are available in two types- Ultrasonic and Evaporative. Ultrasonic models utilize a small vibrating diaphragm which vibrates at an ultrasonic speed in order to agitate water into tiny water particles (mist). A small silent fan then circulates and pushes the cool mist into the room. Evaporative cool mist humidifiers on the other hand comes with a fan that blows air through a wet wick which then cools down while picking up moisture from the wet wick. The air is blown into the room which brings in some cool humidity.
  • Central Humidifiers– Central Humidifiers are typically installed into your home’s HVAC system. Because they are large, powerful, and highly efficient, central humidifiers are perfect for adding humidifier throughout the entire house, not just a single space. They also cost more compared to portable humidifiers
  • Air Washers– Air Washers are a type of humidifiers that increase humidity in the room while at the same time purifying the air. The combination of water and rotating discs built in these humidifiers help increase moisture levels in the air while removing dust particles, pollen, and other airborne particles. They produce a cool mist and are designed to cover larger areas. Because they absorb airborne impurities from the air, air washers require good care and maintenance to operate effectively and efficiently.

What Size Humidifier Do You Need?

The size of your room will determine the size of humidifier you’ll get. You’ll have to measure the size of the room in square footage and from there, you can choose the right size humidifier.

The good news is that humidifiers come in varying sizes like;

  • Portable/Tabletop Humidifiers which are smaller and portable and are therefore ideal for smaller spaces like your living room, bedroom, or even office
  • Room Humidifier are large enough to cover a bigger room or several rooms at once. They are typically ideal for rooms measuring from 650 to 1000 sqft
  • Whole House Humidifiers are big-sized humidifiers which are designed to cover the entire house, usually from 1700 all the way to 2700 square feet.


Best Humidifier for Dry Eyes-Our Top 5 Picks

The number of humidifiers in the market is quite huge and choosing one can be a daunting task. But worry not, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 humidifiers that we feel will help ease your dry eyes while making the air in your room more tolerable especially during hot summer days.







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