Let’s take a look at some Gerber Toilets. Review and Compare.

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No, this Gerber does not sell baby food! They provide high-quality plumbing products! Let’s take a look at some Gerber Toilets.

Gerber® Plumbing Fixtures was founded in 1932 by Max Gerber, a Polish immigrant. Today Gerber is a well-reputed Chicago-based company with production in China.

Gerber manufactures a wide range of plumbing and bathroom fixtures, including faucets, shower heads, tubs, drains, and sinks.

They design contemporary toilets that exhibit reliable flushing performance while elevating your bathroom interior.

If you want to invest in a durable toilet, which requires minimal or no maintenance, their products are ideal for you.

Being one of the most comprehensive Gerber Toilet reviews, we chose three units based on energy-friendliness, warranty, and of course, incorporated technology.

Gerber Toilet Reviews

Most Complete Toilet

Gerber Viper Round

  • Includes all parts for installation
  • Includes soft close seat
  • White
  • Glazed 2″ trapway

Strong Flush

Gerber Viper Elongated

  • White
  • ADA compliant
  • Siphon Jets for strong flush
  • Tank and bowl included

Wall Mounted

Gerber Maxwell wall hung

  • Bowl and Tank
  • Elongated
  • White
  • Siphon Jets for strong flush

1. Gerber Viper Complete Toilet-in-a-Box

If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable toilet, the Gerber Viper Complete Toilet-in-a-Box is an apt choice for you.

This smart toilet offers all the necessary features, such as a compact tank for extra pressure, super-fast water flow, dual-fed siphon jet, and a glazed trap-way.

Some of the things you’d expect from the Gerber Viper Complete Toilet-in-a-Box are:

Included Accessories

As the name suggests, it’s a toilet-in-a-box option, so you’ll have all the items you need.

Your purchase includes a floor-mounted, elongated, two-piece toilet along with a wax ring, gasket, and hardware.

It also includes a soft close toilet seat and floor bolts with color-matched bolt caps.


The included toilet comes with a standard height of 15 to 15.5 inches instead of an ErgoHeight seat.

It is a great standard height. If you are looking for a height that is suitable choice for the elderly or disabled people in your home, look for the ErgoHeight option at 17″

Ease of Cleaning

The Gerber Viper toilet comes with WaterSense certification, meaning it uses 1.28 GPF to reduce water usage and, consequently, your hydro bill.

It also includes rim jets to rinse and clean the bowl, minimizing the manual effort required to clean the inner rim.

It uses a long, slim tank to ensure faster water flow down the flush valve using a gravity-fed flushing mechanism.

This way, you can save the money spent on water usage and time spent on maintenance and repairs.

Overall Design

This good-looking toilet is compatible with most bathroom designs with its excellent angles and lines.

Not only that, but it features an elongated bowl and a metal tank lever with a durable brass arm on one side of the tank.

Trap-Way System

The fully glazed trap-way feature of the Gerber Viper offers a two inches opening.

Not only that, the toilet has passed a two inches ball test with flying colors.

However, it doesn’t mean you can throw cat litter or baby wipes down the toilet since it can clog the sewer or septic system.


The Viper Complete Toilet-in-a-Box has a ten-year limited warranty on Vitreous China and the pressure vessel.

Additionally, it offers a five-year limited warranty on the rest of the parts to ensure a safe and long-term investment.

It’s important to note that your warranty would no longer be valid if the fill valve splits while tightening its coupling nuts using a tool.


Since it’s a toilet-in-a-box toilet, you can easily install it yourself.

That said, you can opt to hire a plumber to install the toilet if you haven’t done so before.

All you need to do is place the wax seal first around the waste pipe and place the toilet above it.

You need to be extra cautious, though, while placing the toilet above the wax seal to prevent dropping and breaking it.

Once the toilet is in the right place, you can fix it to the floor using the bolts included.

The next step is to cover the bolts with the bolt caps, and you are good to go.


  • Complete set
  • Standard height
  • Metal tank lever
  • Dual-fed siphon jets
  • Affordable
  • Risk-free purchase


  • Difficult-to-clean seat

2. Viper Elongated Toilet

Pure white Gerber elongated toilet

If you are looking for a highly efficient toilet, the Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet Bowl is an apt choice for you.

It comes with a toilet bowl and a tank.

That’s why you need to have an extra budget in buying the other two components to have a complete set.

One of the advantages of opting for an elongated bowl is its modern look for modern bathrooms.

The Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet Bowl has the following features:


The Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet Bowl has a low-water consumption design.

It uses 1.6 or 1.28 GPF to remove bulk waste in one go.

You not only save water but also reduce your monthly hydro bill.


This ErgoHeight toilet is certified with ADA, meaning it stands at a height of 16.5 inches, perfect for the elderly or people with knee problems.

Consequently, it ensures comfortable getting on and off for disabled people.

That said, small children need to use a toilet helper step to get on an ErgoHeight toilet.

Flushing Performance

This innovative toilet features a large dual-fed siphon jet to evacuate the bowl’s waste into the drain.

Siphon jets create a strong suction to increase the flush’s pressure to eliminate waste.

Its super-glazed two-inch trap-way complements the siphon jets to increase its flushing performance.

The Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet Bowl also comes with a top-class Fluid Master 400A fill valve to guarantee set-it-and-forget-it durability.

This fill valve is sturdy and easy to change when required.

In addition to that, the three-inch flush valve ensures faster water flow and flushing power.

Also, its wider water surface helps rinse the bowl thoroughly.


The Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet is certified with MaP Premium requirements to ensure 33 percent water conservation than their regular toilets.

The super-strong flush system uses less water to earn the WaterSense certification.


This reliable toilet comes with a limited warranty of ten years on Virtuous China and the pressure vessel.

It also offers a limited warranty of five years on other parts.

Additionally, it includes a warranty and installation guide with its purchase.

Rough-In Measurement

The toilet comes in both 12 and 10 inches rough-in configuration from the center of the toilet’s pipe to the wall.


  • Two-piece, compact design
  • WaterSense certified
  • Water-saving
  • Porcelain material
  • Risk-free purchase


  • It doesn’t include a seat

    3. Maxwell Wall Hung Toilet

    As the name suggests, the Gerber Maxwell Toilet Bowl is a wall-hung toilet, making it a sleek and modern design.

    The good news is that you can easily clean it since there aren’t many gaps or nooks like a floor-mount style.

    The basic idea behind a wall-hung toilet is that you can adjust the height according to your household requirements.

    For instance, you can increase the height to ensure comfortable sit-downs or get-up for older adults or people with knee problems.

    The Maxwell Toilet Bowl has features ideal for most individuals, including:

    ADA Height

    The elongated bowl design coupled with ADA height of the Maxwell Toilet Bowl ensures comfort.

    It’s a perfect choice for people with special needs in addition to other people of all ages and heights.

    Included Accessories

    As the name suggests, this ADA compliant toilet comes with a wall-hung bowl and tank

    You will need to buy a seat and bolts or caps.


    This sleek and elegant toilet blends perfectly with your modern bathroom and occupies less space.

    This compact wall-hung toilet comes with all the state-of-the-art features, including a glazed trap-way, dual-fed siphon jets, and the flush valve.

    Flushing System

    One of the most significant advantages of opting for a wall-mounted is easy cleaning and, most importantly, maintenance.

    The three-inch flush valve coupled with two inches trap-way guarantees strong water flow and a powerful flushing system.

    The PowerClean flush also features dual siphon jets of water to ensure a thorough flush.


    It’s a WaterSense certified High Efficient Toilet (HET), which saves you water and money.

    Every flush consumes 1.28 gallons to ensure eco-friendly performance, saving 20 percent more water.


    Since it’s a wall-hung toilet, it’s better to hire a plumber to do the installation.

    Hiring a plumber is also necessary if you switch from floor mounted toilet to a wall-hung toilet bowl because it requires a lot of background work in the wall.

    It comes with a double nut, multi-point tank-to-bowl mounting system for convenient tool-free installation.


    • Five-year warranty
    • Dual fed siphon jet system
    • Elongated front bowl
    • Economical


    • Doesn’t include a toilet seat
    • Difficult installation

    Our Final Recommendation

    Technology is playing a vital role in revolutionizing present day toilets by adding an auto-clean process.

    Gerber is known for its flush technology, featuring dual-fed siphon jets to ensure quick and silent flushing. 

    Based on our Gerber Toilet reviews, all their toilets fulfill the ADA requirement, making them suitable for people with disabilities.

    That said, you want to choose the right toilet, which doesn’t require frequent maintenance.

    If you are looking for an affordable premium-quality toilet to compliment your bathroom interior, we recommend going for the Gerber Viper Complete Toilet-in-a-Box.

    Apart from being a complete set, it has modern, water-saving features such as a Slimline Tank, a Fluid Master 400A fill valve, and a dual-feed siphon jet.

    It also ensures thorough cleaning after every flush.

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