Buying an Elongated or a Round Toilet? Which is better?

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Your bathroom plays a significant role in enhancing the overall elegance of your house. But Elongated or Round Toilet?

No restroom is ever complete without a perfectly glistening toilet, so choosing an ideal toilet for your bathroom is imperative.

Not only that, the right toilet will ensure better hygiene and safety of all users.

There are two primary classes of modern-day toilets, namely elongated and round.

Round toilets have been in the race for over a century, while elongated toilets are a more recent find.

Apparently, both these toilet designs have the same functionality. So which one should you choose?

If you want to end the elongated vs round toilet debate, dive into this brief comparison featuring their similarities and differences.

Elongated Vs Round Toilet

Both round and elongated toilets have their pros and cons, so to help you choose the type that works best for your needs and bathroom, below is a detailed comparison of both.

Comfort Level

Comfort is one of the first few things one should keep in mind before purchasing a toilet.

Like when choosing the best toilet paper, every individual has their choice of a toilet that is best suited for them.

Round and elongated toilets are both adequately comfy.

Aptly named, the elongated toilet has an enlarged seat, which in turn provides a greater area.

It is more spacious as compared to its round counterpart.

Therefore, it is more comfortable for adults since they could use a larger place to sit.

Older people also find elongated toilets more manageable since they find it challenging to sit on a congested seat.

On the contrary, round toilets are compact. Hence, they are more comfortable for kids as compared to adults.

In fact, a vast majority of people who use round toilets buy them for their children because little children find it hard to use an elongated toilet.

Space Efficiency

Bathrooms are pretty small rooms as compared to other rooms of the house.

Therefore, you need to consider the area while installing anything in the washroom.

A toilet plays an integral role in the bathroom’s overall design.

Bathroom designs need to look more spacious to mask the room’s actual size.

Hence, finding a toilet that fits perfectly within your washroom is significant.

As every other bathroom structure is complementary to the toilet, it needs to be ideal.

Round toilets are no longer than 28.5 inches.

Thus, when it comes to space efficiency, round bowl toilets are more efficient, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.

On the contrary, elongated toilets are less space-efficient.

They have an average length of over 32 inches, so they are not suitable for compact bathrooms.

Like we need suitable toilet paper holders for oversized toilet paper rolls, elongated toilets need a lavish, more spacious bathroom for installation.

As such, they are perfect if one needs a toilet for moderately sized bathrooms.

Toilet seats are made elongated or round.


The main contrasting feature of elongated and round toilets is the design, but both have functional designs.

The round toilet design is ancient. It has been used since the eighteenth century when people had a massive upgrade from clay pots.

Round toilets are minimalistic, so they are easy to match with the overall theme of your bathroom.

The smaller area makes its design more compact, making the overall bathroom area more spacious.

Alternatively, the elongated toilet design is only a few decades old.

It has a modern feel to it, and engineers crafted it to be more functional, spacious, and beautiful.

Primarily, only the upper class could install an elongated toilet in their washrooms.

People saw it as a sign of lavishness and superiority.

Nowadays, the elongated design is more common; you can even see them in public restrooms.

The reason behind its worldwide acceptance lies in its modern design.

Artisans built it to add an elegant vibe to the overall bathroom ambiance.

On top of that, the design is more comfortable because of its increased area.

All these perks give the elongated toilet design an edge over the round toilet design.

We also need to take care of the cleanliness of our toilets. Both designs are generally easy to clean.

The ease of maintenance changes, depending on the specific design of the toilet like the nooks and crooks included. 

Nonetheless, always use the best toilet bowl cleaner to clean the toilet regularly.


Cost is another important factor to consider, especially considering a quality toilet can easily set you back over hundred dollars.

The toilet cost is dependent on loads of different variables.

Perhaps the most vital variable for determining toilet cost is the material.

Toilets consisting of premium raw materials are more costly than those containing cheap parts.

The brand name also plays a crucial role in adding to that price tag.

Although the prices of both elongated toilets and round toilets are not very far apart, we can still estimate their cost-effectiveness.

As elongated toilets are larger and more modern, they are generally more expensive than round toilets.

The greater volume means more raw material, which in turn increases the cost price.

On the other hand, round toilets are smaller, so they are slightly cheaper than the other design.

The price difference is minor, though, so people don’t consider this point while making a decision.

Experts’ opinion is necessary before making a decision, so let’s see what toilets plumbers recommend.

difference between elongated vs round toilet

What Toilet Do Plumbers Recommend?

Whenever we are stuck with more than one option and cannot pick one, we consult the experts.

The same is the case with elongated vs round toilets.

Therefore, it is wise to go with the plumber’s choice since no one knows bathrooms better than a plumber.

So, which toilet do plumbers recommend? Well, their recommendation depends on your needs and the bathroom’s dimensions.

That said, most plumbers recommend elongated toilets more often than not because they’re reasonably straightforward.

The elongated design makes the toilet more spacious. This added space makes it comfier for adults, especially older adults.

Secondly, plumbers recommend elongated bowls because their design compliments the overall bathroom theme.

On the contrary, some plumbers also suggest purchasing round toilets.

They are cheaper and easier to install because of their smaller overall size.

Hence, anyone on a fixed budget finds them as a better option.

Also, the compact design makes them suitable for your small bathroom.

Therefore, we can conclude that the plumbers’ recommendation is variable, based on your bathroom situation.

We also need to ensure that the toilet we select does not clog.

In that regard, continue reading and discover which toilet design is best for not plugging.

What Toilet Is Best for Not Clogging?

No one likes a clogged toilet. It can be the worst thing you expect to see when you walk into your bathroom.

Hence, it is imperative to select a toilet that does not clog easily.

Clogging depends on the toilet’s U-bend; the more convoluted the bend is, the more it gets clogged.

So, which toilet of the two is best for not clogging? It is not easy to pick a winner based on design. 

Read our TOTO toilets review to see about the best toilet for clogs. Then you won't need this plunger

You see, the significant difference between elongated and round toilets is the bowl size, and the bowl size has nothing to do with clogging. 

As such, you cannot base your decision on an unassociated property.

The good thing is plumbers give us an idea based on which we can make a choice.

Elongated toilets are more modern, maybe with more modern flush technology.

Elongated toilets have a larger bowl, and to accompany that bowl, they usually come with a broader U-bend.

The wide U-bend is hard to block due to its broad dimensions. 

Therefore, we can conclude the elongated toilet is a tad better than a round toilet in terms of not clogging.

Besides, you also need to take good care of the toilet’s cleanliness.

In that regard, you can find the best drain cleaners to prevent clogging.

If you use the right toilet paper, your toilet won’t get clogged in the first place, regardless of the type.

Which Is Better Round or Elongated Toilet?

Earlier, we saw that both designs have their own pros and cons. Each design is best suited to a particular situation.

If you want a lavish toilet to increase your spacious bathroom’s beauty, go for the elongated design.

If you want a compact piece that will easily fit in your small washroom, you need a round toilet.

But if we had to pick one, we would do so based on its design, functionality, overall acceptance, and comfort.

When we look around us, an elongated toilet is comfier for adults, has a modern design, is more spacious, and does not clog easily.

The Takeaway

The elongated vs round toilet debate could go on and on as both designs have their benefits.

However, your choice should reflect your bathroom. For me, it is elongated all the way!

The toilet you pick also needs to go well with the other plumbing, and for that, all you need is information.

Fortunately for you, we have provided you with the right information you need for making the right decision for your bathroom.

Therefore, consider all the pointers and choose a design that suits your bathroom best.

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