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Quick Overview



  • Heats small spaces well
  • Low energy usage
  • Six-foot long power cord
  • Easy installation
  • Many safety features
  • Made in U.S.A


  • Makes your wall hot
  • Has a smell when used for the first time
  • Old models recalled for improper wire crimping

The Envi brand claims that their plug-in electric wall heater can heat a whole room with high-efficiency.

Before you invest in purchasing one, you will want to know about the unit as much as possible.

That way, you can feel confident that the Envi is tailored to your needs. After all, you would not want to buy something you can not use.

As such, we researched as many Envi Heater reviews as possible and tried out the unit to gather reliable information for you.

Today, we will cover the Envi HH3012T Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater in great depth.

Envi Heater Review

Envi says that this wall space heater can help you save up to 50% on your heating costs.

Using their wall unit will only cost about four cents per hour, according to them. This compares to up to 18 cents per hour for fan and radiator heaters and other forms of central heating systems.

So, once you have it installed, you could turn down your other heat sources and use this one to make up the difference.

The Envi HH3012T Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater is efficient, has plenty of safety features in place, and can heat a whole room.

Plus, having the unit up high prevents young kids or pets from touching it, making it a safer option than standard space heaters.

The Envi HH3012T Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater is also very new, having just been released on November 19th, 2020.

Older versions were recalled, so you should not find them in circulation anymore.

You can feel confident that the brand is using the most up to date technology in the heater.

Plus, it has a sleek design that will match any room’s decor or theme in your home.

The Envi HH3012T Wall-Mounted Electric Panel Heater works well and offers you a reliable source of heat during the colder months.

It is even designed to prevent dust from being stirred up by its airflow, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies.

Who Is This Product For?

We would recommend the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater to anyone who needs another heat source and has kids, pets, or seniors living with them.

This unit is very safe to have around, even if you can not be around it 100% of the time to make sure it does not get knocked over.

The biggest reason for this is the various safety features the heater has. It can be installed on the wall away from curious kids and pets.

Second, the heater stays cool to the touch, so you do not have to worry about anyone bumping into its surface and getting burned.

The Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater is straightforward to set up, so everyone should be able to handle it.

The order comes with a wall mounting template and kit, which only involves securing the heater to the mounts properly.

As long as you do this where the power cord can reach an outlet, you should have no trouble installing the heater.

As another safety feature, the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater will not turn on unless it is installed correctly.

With how easy it is to set up, beginners or those who have never had a wall-mounted heater before should be able to install the unit without too much hassle.

As long as you follow the box’s instructions, it should take 30 minutes or less to complete the setup process of your Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater.

What’s Included?

There is more than just the unit in the box. You will find the heater in the packaging, the mounting hardware for installation, screws, and wall anchors.

Are Envi Heaters Efficient?

Yes, they are efficient. When reading Envi Wall Heater reviews, you tend to see a lot of detail on how efficient they are.

The unit can heat a room at a low cost and turn off when it reaches a specific room temperature. That way, it does not have to run for long periods.

The heater is not designed for large rooms. It will be efficient in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Still, large living rooms will force the heater to be continually running, which is not great for your energy bill.

Are Envi Heaters Safe?

They are relatively safe. Wall heaters such as this Envi model have a high heat output but do not get hot on their surface.

Plus, they are usually out of reach from children, depending on where you decide to install them.

As an additional safety feature, the Envi heater will automatically shut down if it starts to overheat or is not mounted correctly. That way, you can feel confident that your home is safe.

Overall, most Envi heater reviews on the newer model say that the unit is safe.

Overview of the Envi Heater Features

The most significant feature that the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater has is its efficiency.

The brand claims that it has a low cost to run and can heat your room. Many Envi Wall Heater reviews back up this claim.

Envi stated that you could expect to pay four cents per hour on average.

Still, that amount will change depending on your room’s size and how well insulated it is.

There are also several quality safety features in the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater.

The surface stays cool. The unit can be installed out of the way, has overheat protection, and will turn off if not mounted correctly.

Envi said that their heater provides a clean environment by not disturbing dust. Plus, it will not dry out the air.

If you have many allergens in the air, there are better ways to remove dust.

Finally, the company says that its wall mounted heater is entirely silent and runs without a fan.

This feature would make it perfect for a child’s room since it would not disturb their sleep.

Tiny-House owners love the size and efficiency of this heater, saving space and safe to leave alone.

There are still a few downsides to Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater.

The main one being that it has a burning smell when you turn it on for the first time.

Understandably, this can make someone who has never owned a space heater before nervous.

Older versions of this unit were recalled in 2016. However, the new ones are entirely alright for use at home.

How To Install your Envi Heater

We mentioned earlier that installing your Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater is simple.

The following are the steps that you can take to get it set up and running.

  1. Use the wall mounting template to determine where your unit will fit on the wall.
  2. Use a level to level the template on the wall
  3. Mark the holes in the template where the wall anchors and mounts are.
  4. Remove the template and then screw the wall anchor into the wall using the mounts and screws.
  5. Place the heater on the mounts; they slide into the back of the heater easily. It will “click” when in the right place. Make sure the unit is flush with the wall.
  6. Turn it on!

Keep in mind the unit will not work if installed incorrectly.

If it does not turn on, be sure that it is flat against the wall and straight.

As a quick tip, ensure that the power cord will reach an outlet before you complete the entire setup.

You will also want to keep the heater away from windows; running it while a window is open is problematic, and it can cause issues if your curtains make contact with it.


In case the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater does not suit you, we made sure to find a few alternatives that might.

Stiebel Eltron 074058 Fan Heater

Stiebel Eltron offers a 120v wall mounted heater that runs on 1500W.

It uses a fan, so it is not as quiet as the Envi heater, but it is still a good option.

The Stiebel Eltron model has never been recalled and has less of a smell when first used.

However, the fan means that it will use more energy when running.

DUOLANG Wall Mount Electric Heater

This wall-mounted model by DUOLANG uses crystal infrared instead of a fan, making it about as efficient as the Envi heater.

The brand says that it does not have a smell when running. This is an innovative heater that does not circulate any dust as it heats by infrared.

The surface can be used as a whiteboard, so you can heat and draw, very useful in small spaces or the office!

And because it does not heat the air, only objects, it will not dry your skin as much as a fan heater.

If you want to find a product that is not a wall heater, there are other types of space heaters that you can consider.

Envi Heater Review: The Verdict

We think that this wall mounted heater by Envi would be best suited for those who have curious pets or young children at home.

The heater has many safety features in place that make it great for seniors too.

Overall, the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater is a quality unit. We are confident that you will appreciate its efficiency and low cost to run.

Plus, it can warm any small-sized room in a handful of minutes.

The downsides to the Envi HH3012T Electric Panel Heater are limited, so be sure to check it out if you are interested.

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