Best Toilet Paper Holders for Oversized Toilet Paper Rolls.

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The ever-changing toilet paper roll and how best to hold them.

The best way to dispense oversized rolls.

What is the best toilet paper holders for oversized toilet paper rolls? Back in the day toilet rolls were smaller, and the toilet roll holder was often made of tile and set in the wall. For years now the dimensions of toilet rolls have been changing. Double rolls, Mega rolls, Super Mega, there are not many toilet paper rolls in any sort of “standard” size anymore.

What size is a toilet paper sheet?

Toilet paper sheets used to be standard at 4.5” x4.5”. Measuring a toilet paper sheet today it is 4” x 4” or even less.

What can be called a standard roll these days? The toilet paper companies are telling you how many standard rolls they equal. But the math gets complicated.

More than surface area

Choosing a toilet paper purely on price per square foot is not practical. There is so much personal choice involved. Only public bathrooms in institutional buildings really choose 1-ply toilet paper. And they do not care if that 1-ply is absorbent or scratchy. Most households choose 2-ply.

Top toilet paper holders for oversized toilet paper rolls

If you are having trouble fitting oversized toilet paper rolls in your TP holder it is time to fix that problem.

The problem lies with the radius of the roll. We have three solutions.

  • Extenders.
  • Pivoting holder.
  • Free standing.

Toilet paper roll extenders

An extender will push the center further out on two-point toilet paper holders.

This is good if you do not want to remove your old TP holder. By moving the center out, you can hold a bigger roll. This may be enough to hold a double roll but may not hold a mega toilet paper roll.

This is your best choice if you have a permanent type two point holder.

If your toilet paper holder is built into the wall it becomes a problem to remove it. You do not want a simple problem to lead to a full bathroom restoration!

This toilet paper extender may be your best choice to hold oversized toilet rolls.

1.Teravan Extender for Extra Large Toilet Paper, Converts TP Holders to Fit Double Rolls

Convert your existing toilet paper holder to take oversized toilet paper rolls
Convert your existing toilet paper holder to take oversized rolls
Toilet roll extender
Toilet roll extender to fit oversized toilet rolls

Toilet paper roll holder that pivots

My personal choice for holding oversized toilet paper rolls is a pivoting toilet paper holder. With one pivot point, this type of holder can swing out to accommodate any new changes in roll size. With easy left or right mounting, this holder can hold the biggest mega roll.  Leave it pivoting against the wall or set it off the wall, this holder is simple and flexible. You will want to replace all your toilet paper holders once you go for this type of holder.

Easy to mount on a wall or to a bathroom cabinet it is time to upgrade your toilet paper holder.

2. Moen DN8408CH Preston Collection Single Post Toilet Paper Holder, Chrome

Moen DN8408CH
Holds oversized toilet paper rolls with style and ease

Free standing Toilet paper holders

If you want flexibility and the ability to hold oversized toilet paper, then a free-standing holder is a great choice.

With a free-standing holder, you can move the toilet paper to the most comfortable place. When not in use it can be moved out of sight. Free standing holders are also a great place to store extra rolls if you do not have a bathroom cabinet.

If you choose one with a center holder you will not have to worry about mega rolls getting stuck in the TP cage. Our top pick for a free standing TP holder is.

3. AmazonBasics Free Standing Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Stand with Reserve, Silver Nickel

Free standing toilet roll holder
This style of free standing toilet paper holder can take mega rolls

Conclusions on the best toilet paper holders for oversized toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper has changed a lot. There seems to be no standard size and manufacturers have total control with what they supply. Mega rolls are becoming the new double roll and they may get even bigger in the future.

The toilet paper roll extender will only take you so far. The best answer to future toilet paper roll sizes is to go with a pivoting holder, now.

If you rent and have become frustrated with that old fashion holder set in the wall, get a free standing TP holder. No installation means no damage to walls or cabinets and you can take the holder with you when you move.

Pick the best toilet paper holder for you

Toilet paper can be an everyday luxury. But you do not want your luxury to break the bank and mega rolls have a smaller price per square foot. Double and mega rolls last longer than standard rolls so you have fewer cardboard rolls to recycle and therefore less waste.

Being able to hold a mega roll easily, will open-up your toilet paper purchasing options.

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