Best Automatic Trash Cans of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Every household generates trash that requires regular attention for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. Why not use an Automatic Trash can

Garbage can be full of disease-causing germs, which is why we need collection bins at home before the next garbage pick-up comes around.

While manual-opening trash bins get the job done, the best automatic trash can would be a better fit for avoiding the spread of germs.

Having to open trash bins with hands can cause cross-contamination between users of the same disposal container.

In addition to the practice of keeping our hands clean, the best sensor trash can will minimize contact with harmful organisms.

If you have a dog you can check out the best trash cans for dogs.

Comparison Chart

NINESTARS Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can
Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can with Clorox Odor Protection
EKO Mirage-T 13.2 Gallon Touchless Rectangular Motion Sensor Trash Can
TOWNEW T1 Self-Sealing and Self-Changing 4 Gallon Trash Can
hOmeLabs 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can for Kitchen

Best Automatic Trash Can Reviews

1. Nine Stars DZT-80-4 Automatic Touchless Trash Can

Nine Stars USA is the world’s first patent holder of motion-sensing trash cans.

The company specializes in designing and engineering many trash can types, from open-top push-top, step-on, and sensor-activated garbage disposal units.

One of their products that come with a motion-activated lid is the DZT-80-4 Automatic Touchless Trash Can.

Review of the DZT-80-4 Automatic Trash Can

The DZT-80-4 permits touchless garbage disposal by automatically opening the lid whenever its built-in sensor detects a wave of a hand.

Measuring 14.02 by 17.99 x 28.62 inches and weighing 16.91 pounds, this trash can has enough space to store up to 21.1 gallons of garbage.

This garbage bin has a stainless steel body, a ring liner, a bucket liner, a plastic lid, and a non-skid base.

The plastic lid is large enough to allow the disposal of sizable trash.

You wouldn’t have to worry about scattering trash because the removable liner secures a trash bag in place.

The stainless steel body is commercial-grade fingerprint-resistant, and the non-skid base does not scratch any floor surface.

With three D-size 1.5-volt batteries, the built-in motion sensor uses advanced infrared technology that ultimately preserves battery longevity.

The motion sensor in this beast is rotatable, which means you can direct the sensor to a preferred angle.

Additionally, this garbage bin has a manual open and close button. This allows you to open the lid for extended periods during clean-up time and content removal.

One interesting thing about this garbage bin is that some parts can be separately bought when damaged or lost.

The company supplies its battery cap, lid, ring liner, and same-size trash bags.

You don’t have to purchase their liners, though, since you can opt to get your own eco-friendly trash bags.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Large enough to hold a week’s worth of trash
  • Non-skid base prevents floor scuff marks
  • Uses high-tech infrared sensor for automatic opening
  • Rotatable motion sensor
  • Removable bucket and ring liner
  • Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel body
  • Quiet operation
  • D-size batteries take up space inside the lid of the bin
  • Some reports of motor breakdown after a few months

2. Glad Touchless Trash Can

Glad has always been a reliable companion in the kitchen.

Including sealable bags, rigid plastic containers, and durable trash bags, the products of Glad never seem to fail anyone in the consumer market.

Let’s take a closer look at the Glad Touchless Trash Can, one of the best sensor trash cans.

Review of the Glad Automatic Trash Can

With the Glad Touchless Trash Can, you won’t ever have to touch the lid every time you have to ditch a piece of trash.

Its motion sensor is strategically positioned to detect any hand motion to lift the lid.

It also leaves it open for five seconds with a countdown using embedded LED indicators.

Like the Nine Stars DZT-80-4, the Glad sensor trash bin has manual open and close buttons.

Use these buttons when disposing of large amounts of trash and taking out the load.

The lid motor and sensor require six pieces of AA batteries.

The Glad Sensor Trash Can measures 16.38 by 14.37 by 27.8 inches to hold up to 20 gallons of garbage.

Additional features include an anti-bacterial odor protective lid with a rear bag compartment. And a hinged lid frame, and a pair of retractable metal rings.

This garbage bin’s lid has anti-bacterial protection that inhibits odor-causing bacterial growth on the cover and the lid frame.

Its hinged lid frame can be drawn back when taking out fully loaded trash bags that cannot fit the automatic lid.

The rear bag compartment allows storage of several 20-gallon capacity trash bags. You can use the retractable metal rings secure the trash bag in the bin.

  • Two-year warranty
  • Large enough for large-family households
  • Factory-applied odor protection for the lid
  • Stainless steel body resists fingerprints
  • Noiseless opening and closing
  • Uses six AA batteries
  • Very sensitive motion sensor

3. EKO Mirage-T Touchless Motion Sensor Trash Can

EKO takes pride in the craftsmanship and quality of its products.

It focuses on trash cans for domestic applications, with design and style as its core principles.

One of their best products is the MIRAGE-T Motion Sensor Trash Can.

Review of the EKO Automatic Trash Can

The MIRAGE-T garbage bin has clean, straight lines and curved edges for seamlessly blending with the décor of any household.

Its body is made of fingerprint-resistant brushed stainless steel, and its lid uses durable plastics.

The intelligent sensor mechanism controls the soft-closing lid with just a simple hand movement.

This automatic-opening lid allows sanitary trash disposal by limiting the need to touch any part of the trash bin regularly.

When throwing away large amounts of trash or taking out the trash bag, the Mirage-T has a touch switch for manual operation.

An inner plastic rim holds a trash bag in place and facilitates the emptying of trash.

The Mirage-T measures 14.8 by 9.8 by 24.6 inches and can store up to 13.21 liters of garbage.

It can be the best sensor trash can if you’re looking for something smaller than the Glad or the Nine Stars.

  • No protruding parts; fits flush against cabinets and walls
  • Brushed stainless steel body resists fingerprints
  • Soft-closing lid
  • Removable inner rim
  • Simple, minimalistic design
  • Less capacity compared to others in this list
  • Requires six AA batteries

4. TOWNEW T1 Motion Sense Activated Garbage Bin

TOWNEW is a line of revolutionary self-sealing and self-changing trash cans by Knectek Labs Inc. in the USA.

These trash cans use breakthrough technology and award-winning design to provide a smart home experience for their end-users.

The TOWNEW T1 Automatic Trash Can is at the top of their list.

Review of the TOWNEW Automatic trash Can

The TOWNEW T1 is the world’s first trash can that can seal and change trash bags using its built-in technology.

It comes with a garbage bag refill ring that contains 25 trash bags.

The T1 has an overload functionality that senses the trash bag capacity and thermally seals it as soon as it is already full.

All you have to do is take each sealed bag out and let the T1 set up a new bag for you.

You never have to deal with spills and smell foul odors.

If you’re looking for something even smaller than the Mirage-T, the TOWNEW T1 is perfect for spaces requiring a smaller capacity trash bin.

It is excellent for bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

The T1 comes with a built-in 12-volt battery that requires ten hours to recharge fully.

After charging with the included adapter to full capacity, the battery will keep the trash bin operational for a whole month.

For touchless functionality, the T1 uses the latest sensor technology to detect movement and any approaching objects from a distance of up to 35 centimeters.

As soon as it senses movement, the lid pops open automatically.

The T1 measures 9.4 by 12.2 by 15.8 inches and has a capacity of 4.1 gallons.

  • Seals garbage bags automatically
  • Reloads new bags by itself
  • Anti-slip and tilt design
  • No trash overflows
  • Touchless function keeps hands germ-free
  • Quite expensive for a small garbage disposal unit
  • Ten-hour charging time
  • Requires compatible garbage bag refills from TOWNEW

5. hOmeLabs Automatic Trash Can

With a long list of products for home use, hOmeLabs is another contender for household appliances.

The company specializes in dehumidifiers, ice machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, and kitchen appliances.

Its kitchen appliance lineup includes the hOmeLabs Automatic Trash Can.

Review Of the hOmelabs Automatic Trash Can

The hOmeLabs automatic trash can allows any user to get rid of any garbage without getting their hands dirty.

It has an infrared sensor that opens the innovative butterfly lid whenever it detects movement within six inches from the sensor.

Its slim stainless steel construction measures 16.2 by 10.3 by 22.5 inches and can store up to 13 gallons of trash.

The butterfly lid split doors allow better headroom under countertops, making the trash bin concealable in the kitchen.

The hOmeLabs auto trash bin features dual power options.

You can plug it in using the included adapter or use four C-size batteries.

However, both power options are not included in the product package.

  • Butterfly lid allows positioning under low headroom
  • Quick garbage bag replacement
  • Multiple power options
  • Hygienic, hands-free operation
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel finish
  • Adapter sold separately
  • Uses large C-size batteries

Our Final Recommendation

We highly recommend the hOmeLabs Trash Can as the best automatic trash can among the options.

Other touchless trash cans either use an adapter for a fixed power supply source or require batteries.

The hOmeLabs automatic trash bin gives the option to use either.

This trash can is not too big and not too small. It gives you a constant reminder to maintain sanitation by taking the trash out regularly.

It also reduces plastic waste by providing adequate garbage space.

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