Toaster Or Toaster-Oven? Which One Is Better for Me?

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Your old toaster has finally bit the dust, and you need a new one. Is it better to get a toaster oven or stick with the regular toast maker? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you choose.

Making Toast

Toast is a great breakfast food, but it makes for a yummy snack or lunch too. Toasters have come a long way from the days of holding a piece of bread over the fire.

Bread has been around a long, long time, but the first electric toaster was invented by Alan McMasters, a Scottish scientist. MacMasters worked with another electrical engineer, Evelyn Crompton, and together in 1883 they developed the electric toaster.

MacMasters’s toaster was brought to the mass market as the ‘Eclipse’. It had four electric elements built on a ceramic base. It plugged in between a lamp and a socket. Unfortunately, by 1894, the MacMasters Eclipse toaster had become the cause of one of Britain’s first deadly appliance fires. A woman in Guilford was overcome in her kitchen after the early elements melted and ignited the table. MacMasters and Crompton denied any wrongdoing and instead blamed the deceased for “not holding appropriate respect for the power of the electric toaster” in reference to the fact it had been left unattended.

A lot of early toasters only did one side at a time, and you had to turn the bread to get it toasted. By 1919 Charles Strite had invented the timed pop-up toaster that has to lead to the modern toaster as we know it.

Charles Strite’s Patent in 1921

Pros and Cons of a toaster

Most homes have just a two toast toaster. But, if you have a big family, the four toast toaster is a better choice. With new toasters, you can have more than just the darkness function. They can have settings for bagels, to just toast the inside, defrost mode, one slice mode, cancel, and some can accommodate oversized bread.


  • One of the biggest Cons is cleaning a toaster.
  • Cleaning a toaster is an annoying job.
  • Hard to get the toast out sometimes
  • Can’t fit oversized bread


  • One of the best pros of a toaster is simplicity.
  • Toast darkness control
  • Don’t have to watch the toast

Why get a toaster oven?

You can really open up your options if you get a toaster oven. Not only will it make toast but you can cook a variety of food in a toaster oven. It is also easier to top and melt cheese onto your toast. Can’t do that in a toaster! Reheating, cooking meats, desserts, pizza, any food you can think of, without having to heat up your full-sized oven.

Pros and cons of a Toaster oven


  • A toaster oven takes up counter space.
  • toaster ovens cost more than toasters.
  • You have to watch the toast
  • Dry Toast


  • 6 pieces of toast at once!
  • Pizza
  • Costs less electricity than heating up a full-sized oven
  • Variety of cooking modes
  • Cook and Heat all types of food
  • easy cleaning, many parts can come out to clean
  • extra cooking at thanksgiving

How about a toaster oven that has a pop up toaster too?

A toaster oven with a pop-up toaster! The best of both worlds
Pop up toast and a toaster oven! What could be better?
More than just toast! I can see the Thanksgiving side Dishes now
More than just toast! I can see the Thanksgiving side Dishes now

Conclusions on should I get a Toaster or Toaster oven

Well, I think I need both! The toaster gives quick, quality toast. I don’t have to worry about burning it. And I can put off cleaning the toaster. A toaster oven can make the toast dry from so much heat, and I have to watch the toast so as to not burn it. So a toaster is good for toast, and I eat toast almost every day.

The Toaster oven looks like a great cooking addition and I have the counter space to spare. A lot of the new toaster ovens are coming with air-fry. Air fry circulates hot air and can save you the calories of fried food, with the same crispy results.

With a toaster oven I can finally solve my Thanksgiving dilemma, one more side dish! Now to pick a toaster oven!

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