Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Review of the McCulloch MC1275

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Quick Overview



  • Quick and easy home sanitation
  • Kills bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Removes the risks of eye, skin, and throat irritation from chemicals
  • Reduces chemically induced allergies, headaches, and breathing problems
  • Eradicates and prevents mold growth
  • Eliminates and prevents the recurrence of dust mites
  • Can remove stains and odors
  • Efficiently melts grease for easy wiping
  • Multi-purpose


  • More expensive than other cleaning equipment
  • May use scalding steam that can cause burn accidents
  • Increases indoor humidity and temperature

Your family deserves a home that is clean and free from harmful substances.

The problem is, the market is saturated with cleaning products that are either too harsh or basically unnecessary.

With that said, the key is to find a cleaning tool that is easy to use, eco-friendly, and does its job well.

This is where the McCulloch MC1275 heavy duty steam cleaner comes in.

It uses steam power to disinfect, and its many accessories can substitute any cleaning equipment you may already have.

To help you get to know this product, here’s a McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner review showcasing all of its amazing features.

About McCulloch

Before going into the details of the McCulloch MC1275, let’s look at why it deserves the credit by getting to know the company that made it.

Company History

McCulloch Motors Corporation began in 1943 as a manufacturer of target drone engines for the Radioplane Company.

Shortly after that, it converted a chainsaw engine for kart racing and built outboard boat engines.

In the 1970s, the company expanded its product range with the development of chainsaws and the addition of generators, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers.

This expansion led them to a narrow focus on garden equipment.

In 1999, Husqvarna AB acquired the European division of McCulloch Motors. And Jenn Feng Industrial Co purchased its North American operations.

Husqvarna acquired the outdoor products division of Jenn Feng in 2008, making McCulloch a brand under the Husqvarna Group of companies.

McCulloch has a long history of producing reliable equipment and machinery.

It has since focused on extreme durability, improved safety, and better designs in all its products.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Review

You can have a complete set of reliable cleaning and gardening equipment, all from McCulloch.

Mc Culloch offers anything from lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, to leaf blowers, grass cutters, and chainsaws, in addition to a wide selection of steam cleaners.

If your focus is to keep all surfaces in your home spick and span, the McCulloch MC1275 is a very versatile steam cleaner. A steam cleaner that you can use on almost any area in your house.

Backed by a powerful history and an extended two-year warranty, McCulloch can provide you with a tool that is both durable and reliable.

This McCulloch MC1275 review will discuss the significant features this product has in store.

Who Is the McCulloch MC1275 For?

Steam cleaning technology is relatively new, and many may think that such a device cannot substitute for knees-down, back-breaking cleaning practices.

But the best steam cleaners are here to stay and become better to make our lives easier.

You may own a cleaning company or a hotel, or you’re part of one, and you’re a professional cleaner.

On the other hand, you may just want a regular chemical-free cleaning experience for your home.

Although the McCulloch MC1275 is a professional-grade tool, anyone can use it with ease.

For First-Time Users

Aside from having easy assembly before any use, the McCulloch MC1275 offers a stress-free fill-and-switch operation.

Any first-time user can attest to its fairly straightforward use, and it is easy to be an expert user in no time.

McCulloch ensures that all of its products are user-friendly and meet all the standards for handling safely.

As long as you do not replace any parts while pressing the steam-release switch and refill the tank only after the system has cooled down, you’re good to go.

For the Housemaker

A clean house is a trigger for making a happy home and keeping any dweller relaxed and well-rested.

If you are a homemaker, you can easily maintain your home with the McCulloch MC1275.

Complete more tasks in just a short time by cleaning around your house with just a single device.

The McCulloch MC1275 comes with several attachments, and it is adaptable to multiple surfaces and hard-to-reach crevices.

You’ll have more time to relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends, and you can focus on other tasks if you can clean your space quickly.

For Families Requiring Chemical-Free Home Maintenance

McCulloch steam cleaners only use water and electricity.

It does not require any nauseating or dangerously lethal substances to help you remove dirt and sanitize your home.

Crawling babies and toddlers tend to pick up objects from the floor and put them straight in their mouths.

Imagine having no worries whenever your child picks up a toy from who-knows-where. Because you are sure you have sanitized every nook and cranny in your house. You can even sanitize the stuffies!

Furthermore, if you have family members who have asthma or allergic reactions to certain chemicals, the McCulloch MC1275 is a perfect fit.

This steam cleaner is also great for homes with pets. It removes the possibility of your dog licking a poisonous substance off the floor.

For Professional Cleaners

Offices, hotels, homes, and any place for human habitation and coexistence require a steady dose of disinfection and sanitation. Especially now more than ever.

The McCulloch MC1275 is a professional-grade apparatus capable of bringing continuous and effective decontamination and sterilization for at least 45 minutes.

Not only does it fit the cleansing of any small dwelling, but it can also do the job on a much larger scale.

It is a handy steam cleaner, and you can refill its canister effortlessly.

What’s in the Package?

McCulloch ensures that any user has a cleaning device that can leave any surface impeccably clean after simple usage.

The company only requires that you fill it with water and plug it into a socket for electricity.

The McCulloch MC1275 comes attached with a carry handle and some wheels.

Any user can drag or carry it around for an effortless power-steaming operation.

It also has a flexible steam hose and a steam jet nozzle you can wave around like an airbrush to clean a wide surface area.

Its main nozzle has a snap-attachment feature you can use to switch between its several accessories and cleaning heads.

To use power steam on the floor while standing, use the two included extension wands.

You can switch between a mop head, a squeegee, a triangular brush, some nylon and brass utility brushes, and a scrub pad.

The package comes with a filling funnel, a measuring cup, two microfiber pads for the mop head, five nylon brushes, and one of the following: steel brush, triangle brush, and a scrub pad.

And as if the manufacturer did not want you to spend an additional cent, the package comes with a screwdriver, too.

With this, you can immediately assemble the carry handle as soon as the device goes out of the box.

Finally, the package comes with a two-year warranty, and the owner’s guide is even downloadable from their website.

Use both to check if you have any missing accessories or damaged parts so that the company can compensate accordingly.

Overview of the Features

The McCulloch MC1275 sets the bar for innovations in steam power cleaning technology.

Although it is a professional-grade apparatus, any household can have it handy for any cleaning chores.

Let’s look at an outline of its features before going into the details:

  • Efficiently short eight-minute warm-up time
  • Continuous steam power for 45 minutes
  • 67-ounce water compartment (fill with 48Oz)
  • 15-feet long power cord
  • 1500 watts power
  • 18 accessories
  • Two-year warranty

The McCulloch MC1275 is one of five different steam cleaners designed by McCulloch.

Compared to the other models, it is a mid-range device when it comes to capacity and portability.

This model only requires eight minutes to heat the water and convert it to steam.

And with that, it can continuously convert 48-ounces of water to steam for 45 minutes.

The water canister is a 67-ounce tank. But the manufacturer recommends a safety net of only 48 ounces before the device has to be cooled.

Move across any room effortlessly with the provision of a 15-foot power cord. The unit requires 1500 watts of power from any nearby power receptacle.

The 18 accessories discussed in the package contents ensure flexibility in cleaning.

Choose the best cleaning accessory to brush, scrape, or sanitize any surface.

Professional Quality

McCulloch’s history in manufacturing only powerful tools ensures that the MC1275 offers a professional quality solution to cleaning, even at the household level.

There is no cleaning task too complicated or too easy to complete for the McCulloch MC1275 and its versatile attachments.

Use it to remove grease from your kitchen walls or get rid of the grease and grime from your hand tools, car tires, or barbecue grills.

Effective and Chemical-Free Cleaning

Using only ordinary water heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, McCulloch steam technology blasts away dirt, grease, and grime while killing harmful microorganisms.

It does not require the use of any harsh chemicals, but it still gets the job done.

A hot spray of steam can effectively sanitize any surface by killing any microorganisms present.

It can get rid of bacteria, mold, and tiny insects, too, such as dust mites.

The MC1275 also removes stains and odors by clearing out trapped pollutants.

Since the steam cleaner only uses water, the device is entirely chemical-free.

Not only are you cleaning with water, but you are also protecting your family, housemates, and pets from the harmful effects of cleaning chemicals.

All-Around Cleaning Apparatus

With all of its included attachments and accessories, the MC1275 is a multipurpose cleaning device.

Each of its accessories is unique and can be used for a wide array of surfaces.

Use the mop head on sealed hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, granite surfaces, and countertops.

For mirrors, window panes, and other glass surfaces, the squeegee attachment is very handy.

You can use the scrub pad to clean slightly rough flat surfaces that the microfiber mop head cannot get thoroughly clean.

For a deep clean of rougher surfaces and hard-to-reach corners, use the triangular brush or the other included brushes.

Use the power nozzle to blast away dust and contaminations from irregularly shaped surfaces, such as stair handrails, chairs, stoves, and microwave ovens.


Like any steam cleaner, the MC1275 only uses water to sterilize any surface.

There is no need for any chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, detergents, or acids.

If you buy less of these chemicals, you help promote safety for the environment by reducing toxic substance demand.

How to Get the Most Out of Your McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Read through the Owner’s Guide of the McCulloch MC1275 to maximize each of the included attachments.

You will find that each one is reasonably straightforward to use.

After purchasing the device, register your product online to secure the two-year warranty and get the most from the manufacturer.


Since the McCulloch MC1275 is a mid-range product, it can be quite large for a small dwelling, such as an apartment or a condo.

So, instead, you might want to go for the smaller and more portable steam cleaner from McCulloch, the MC1230.

The McCulloch MC1230 Handheld Steam Cleaner has a six-ounce water tank, and it can produce a continuous stream of steam for 10 minutes.

It only requires three minutes to heat up and produce the steam.

Unlike the MC1275, the MC1230 doesn’t have the extension wands, the mop head, and the squeegee.

It has a broad, large brush in addition to the same triangle brush, brass brush, and nylon brushes, which the MC1275 also has.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Review: Final Thoughts

Whether you are polishing floor tiles or removing grease from the crevices of your cooktop, the McCulloch MC1275 can get the job done.

You can use whatever information you have gathered from our McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner review to decide if it is the perfect cleaning apparatus for your home.

Ditch all your useless, unnecessary, and bulky cleaning equipment, and save a lot by purchasing less and less harsh cleaning chemicals.

With the McCulloch MC1275, you can expect to find the true meaning of clean and green.

What’s more, all of its included accessories can keep hard-to-reach corners spotless.

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